Black and White Prom Dresses

One of the hottest trends that never seems to go out of style, black and white prom dresses are the perfect combination of classy chicness and sophistication. Perfect for colour contrasts, emphasis of silhouettes and creating an aura of instant simplicity yet allowing you to retain a bit of sophistication, this timeless combination can make you look amazing at any prom, homecoming or formal party. Our large inventory of black and white dresses can also make sure that you have a variety of different styles and designs to choose from which showcase this perfect combination beautifully.

Amazing Styles-Black and white prom dresses can be easily found in a variety of styles and designs that will be sure to answer your every need. Whether you need them in high-low, flowing floor length or short, chic sheath dress, this amazing color combination will not cease to look stunning in any design. Moreover, the black and white duo also makes for amazing bi-line and dropped waist looks so if you want something that emphasizes your silhouette and compliments your figure perfectly, this is the perfect one for you.

Perfect for Any Occasion-The best part about this combination is the versatility it adds to the dress. Black and white prom dresses can look good anywhere and if you are looking to make a style statement, this is the perfect dress for you to introduce to your wardrobe. Whether you have to go to a prom, a homecoming or to a semi-formal wedding party, a black and white dress will allow you to fit in perfectly at any event. The chic color play and the contrasting tones are also perfect for any skin type and if you are confused about the kind of dress you should get, you can never go wrong with this classic and artful combination.

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  • 5.00
  • BY:Jane Bardwell
  • DATE:Sep 27, 2014

Gorgeous Flared Sweetheart Two-Tone Dress

Gorgeous and perfect fit

As my daughter recently will have her prom, I decided to buy her a prom dress. Knowing that the ball will take place in a very fancy location, I thought that an evening floor length dress would be the most appropriate option. This way, searching through shops I found this sexy, gorgeous and perfect formal evening gown. So I ordered this incredible dress because I was conquered by its graceful line, its skirt simplicity, that has not so many elements on the bodice and that is really protecting the body, focusing on the shoulders area! Because it is a dress that area would be noticed first, but still even that its sexiness won't be affected. I had emotions until arrived, but when my daughter tried was a perfect fit! I'm very delighted that she would have a gorgeous prom dress and she would have very beautiful memories of her graduation.

  • 5.00
  • BY:JazzyJane
  • DATE:Jul 27, 2014

Wonderful Sweetheart Sleeveless Short Dress With Beading


I bought a few days ago this very cool homecoming dress! Not only that is very stylish and chic, but also has an interesting bodice, beautifully highlighted by the combination of black and white. I love that is molded on the silhouette, which was my number one request about my homecoming dress. The sweetheart neckline has a very charming upper pattern, while the waistline is very well highlighted by the molded vertically lines. I'm really excited about this homecoming dress, so I cannot wait that my graduation ball ceremony starts

  • 5.00
  • BY:Kevin
  • DATE:Jul 25, 2014

Elegant Cap-sleeve Jewel Lace Short Dress With Beaded Appliques and Band

but everything else is beautiful, just as the picture shows

I bought this elegant homecoming dress for its charming and attractive compositional elements. It is a very attractive combination of black and white; fabric transparency with an original bodice floral pattern which is a very elegant dress that has very nice crafted sleeveless, easily molded on the waistline. I really loved being surprised by all dress bodice small stylized flowers that is enriching the beauty of this dress. All combined with a really cheap price, resulted into gorgeous dress, perfect for any homecoming ball.”

  • 5.00
  • BY:Lezlie in NE Iowa
  • DATE:Jun 14, 2014

Delicate Strapless Ruched and Sequined Satin Mini Column Dress With Beaded Band

Beautiful dress

I bought this beautiful homecoming dress a week ago. I decided to share my opinion because I really love this dress and its features. Have a very delightful sweetheart neckline with ruched details, a delicate beaded band which has perfectly highlighted the waistline, wonderfully adding value to the entire composition, while the skirt is sequined. This dress's style is a really attractive one, being a very light and impressive outfit. Last but not least, its price is cheap and is another strong point of this charming dress

  • 5.00
  • BY:Moebean
  • DATE:Jun 14, 2014

Gorgeous Sequined Lace-Up Ball Dress With Bow

Special dress, fit me just like a glove

There're some special moments in our life which are requiring special outfits. For such a special life event, I had to prepare a special dress. Is about my prom ball, that unique and only one moment when you should shine and capture all eyes on you. That's why I bought for my graduation ball, one of the most elegant and special dresses I found. Because it was a formal evening event I bought an evening gown made from chiffon and having a unique and original black and white combination. I liked that have many advantages: a sweetheart neckline, very well tailored, with an interesting and unique sequined bodice, a special band that gorgeously is highlighting the waistline continuing with a beautiful, ample and diaphanous skirt. Even that might look like a princess's style; this dress is really attractive and offers a great lightness and movement's freedom.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Marilyn R. Maryott
  • DATE:Jun 10, 2014

Graceful Sweetheart Satin Short Dress With Brooch

Black and white grace

When I bought this graceful ball dress, I was really enchanted by its wonderful bodice and skirt that are a true visual delight. First of all, the sweetheart neckline is really amazing; having a charming and sexy form, while the waistline is gorgeously highlighted by the precious satin brooch. Secondly, since I was a little girl I loved classic black and white, which convinced me that only this combination of style and pattern would suitably to my prom ball. This dress price is a cheap one, being really affordable, which makes this dress a great asset for any girl.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Amy 's maybe's
  • DATE:Apr 22, 2014

Alluring Sweetheart Sequined A-line Chiffon Gown

Very Happy!!

What makes me to buy this super and wonderfully formal evening dress were its beautiful design and its great bodice detailed pattern, which was perfectly suitable for my graduation ball. Have a perfect body line, impeccable cuts and a simple but so elegant skirt, with a delightful floor length, which ensured me a very delightful and sexy presence. What is really impressive at this dress is the extremely attractive bodice made from sequined embroidery which is perfectly represented this outfit. I, literally shined at my graduation party and everybody admired my sexy dress. Regarding its material, this was very light and has a soft texture, very fine and smooth in the contact with the skin. I was delighted of buying it especially that had a very affordable price

  • 5.00
  • BY:Tom Rand "Hammer10"
  • DATE:Mar 26, 2014

Sweetheart A-line Ruched Floor Length Dress

Stunning prom appearance

What I really love about this formal evening gown it is that extraordinarily crafted bodice with a tremendous pattern, enriched with a captivating floral model, very well tailored that is highlighting the entire composition in a perfect way. This stunning bodice has perfectly combined with the vaporous and ethereal skirt, which is giving a very soft and attractive sensation. Black and white are creating a wonderful visually chromatic game, balancing and contrasting each other in a very pleasant way. Also, I love the special sensation created by smooth chiffon on my skin, which is like a soft kiss. I sincerely recommend this dress without any hesitation.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Nettie deatherage
  • DATE:Feb 07, 2014

Delicate One-shoulder Ruched Jersey Short Dress With Crystal Detail

Sweet prom dress

When I decided to buy this lovely and sweet homecoming dress, I was convinced by the nice offered possibility to look very beautiful and arouse passions at the graduation ball. This beautiful and delightful graduation ball dress has a great power of seduction, so I bought instantly. What really impressed me, it was the rich bodice adorned with crystals which seduced me. The combination of black and white couldn't have a better representation than on this dress. It's a perfect dress, suitable for formal events like graduation, so I'll use in the future for similar events.

  • 5.00
  • BY:bentleybabee
  • DATE:Jan 21, 2014

Exquisite Pleated Tulle A-line Dress With Embroidery

This dress is beautiful I bought this for my wife and she loves ...

I love wearing sophisticated dresses that make me look sensational and get me noticed. That's why such dresses like this evening gown is what I'm looking for. This dress has style, unique and delightful style, perfect highlighting of the body shapes, a beautiful bodice pattern which perfectly combining in a wonderful style and designing the power of black and white. This dress is perfect for formal events, where I have to look amazing and glamorous. This dress is exquisite, possessing a wonderful style which is reflected by its beaded pattern that is perfectly highlighting the entire outfit. I was easily convinced to buy it, as wonderful and good products don't need too much time of thinking.