Hot Pink Prom Dresses

Elegant yet spicy, hot pink prom dresses are the perfect way to show a bit of your saucy side. Proms are the perfect events when you have to put your best foot forward and wearing a colour that emphasis your femininity is the best way to have fun. Hot pink is such a versatile colour that it allows for various colour combinations and you will have no trouble in finding a dress that suits you. With this versatile colour and our amazing collection, you can easily find plenty of hot pink dresses and gowns to go with any event such as prom and homecoming.

Young and Vibrant-Hot pink is a young and vibrant colour that immediately draws attention and makes you the centre of attention. Opting for a hot pink prom dress enables you to be the star on your prom or homecoming and show off your fun side as well. With various designs, styles and embellishments available as well, you can pick the perfect hot pink prom dresses that are fun and elegant in the best way possible.

Mix and Match-Getting a long or short hot pink dress allows you to mix and match and create your own colour schemes. You can easily accessorize with hot pink since it is a colour which can emphasize other colours as well as act as a great base to neutralize extremely vibrant colours as well. Going through our wide range of selections, you can find tons of hot pink designs that have their own aura. A short hot pink dress can make you look fun and saucy. A medium length hot pink dress makes you look mature and glamorous while a full length hot pink dress embodies elegance and sophistication.

Whatever style you choose, hot pink prom dresses are a must-have to complete your wardrobe and we have the perfect styles and selections available for you.

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5 5 (4 Reviews)
  • 5.00
  • BY:Marta
  • DATE:Nov 12, 2014

Stunning Cap Sleeve Floor Length Chiffon Dress With Ruched Waistband and Beaded Detail

I love the dress

I loved this amazing evening sparkly gown because it is generous in every detail it was made. I bought it as soon as I saw it, because it was like a love at first sight: have a precious bodice line with extremely delightful pattern that is glowing and very interesting, an amazing and very diaphanous neon floor length skirt, which is really light, offering a very comfortable movement option and a divinely cheap price I that ensure a very good pocket support. With so many interesting and attractive assets, no woman could resist it. Neither do I, so the next natural movement was to order it. Now, when I tried its benefits for a few times, I can ensure everyone's interested that would make a real deal buying it.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Miss Daisy
  • DATE:Jul 17, 2014

Lustrous Pleated Flared Dress With Crystal-beaded Appliques

Graceful evening dress

This evening gown is formidable; I loved it creative and astonishing bodice with amazing well designed crystal appliqués which seems unreal. I loved since I saw it, that's why I bought it in the next seconds. When I have worn it for the first time I even more appreciated it, because is very light, has a very vaporous and diaphanous skirt which is falling really wonderful to the floor (is actually a floor length dress). My appearance was a delightful one, impressing my husband with its gorgeous and also sexy line; I really felt very elegant and wanted at the same time.
The smooth pink chiffon is translucent and high quality, while the price is a really cheap one, so, overall, this dress deserves all applauses

  • 5.00
  • BY:DJenks "Deb"
  • DATE:Apr 07, 2014

Delicate Off-shoulder Ruched Mini Column Dress With Crystal Detail

excelent thank you

Seeing this attractive and gracious pink cocktail homecoming dress I can't stop thinking why I felt that mad desire to buy it at once? Maybe it looks so gorgeous with its delightful the off shoulder straps with sparkly crystals; or because its amazing waistline looks like being designed for the slim models? Being wonderfully designed with a layered on bodice design, this dress is super generous! It is too beautiful, so my order was a something that was appropriate to do. There is nothing more attractive than a dress that can give you a perfect body highlighting.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Kriste
  • DATE:Feb 28, 2014

Ruched Chiffon A-line Long Dress With Crystal Detail

Dress for a diva

My mother chooses it for me, but now I'm very thankful for its choice. When I felt this evening neon gown's wonderful and classy features on my skin, I knew that I'd have to thank my mom for a few times more. I love the way this dress is giving to my best body parts a delightful boost and manages to create a pleasant body sensation. Have a wonderful designed bodice with a captivating neckline pattern, all being highlighted by smooth and precious chiffon fabric. Mother also liked because this cute dress a cheap one.