Navy Prom Dresses

Navy blue color symbolizes confidence and authority, a perfect combination for someone who wants to lead a crowd. Navy color is used all across the world for military or police uniforms because the color tends to give off a very strong, powerful, and dominating effect. On a prom when everyone is going for softer tones of pastel and coral colors, a navy prom dress can buy you a ticket to the front row of the leading ladies.

Who does not want to look beautiful on their prom and leave a lasting impression on people’s mind? After all prom night is your only chance to outshine your schoolmates because you will not be judged on your grades but your fashion sense and attire. Our website offers you a unique chance o have your dream come true and steal the show by trying out our exclusive line of ravishing and sexy navy prom dresses. Wear our elegantly stitched navy ensemble with flashy diamonds or rubies necklace and high heel stilettos and walk down the aisle announcing you as the lady of the evening. You will have a lot of hair styling options depending upon the kind of design you pick, however our personal favorite is big loose curls.

Our navy prom dress collection comes in single layered or double-layered designs with varying fabric options of soft silks, light chiffons, fine laces or a combination of these three. You can both go for a bold look and expose your skin by trying out our short strapless dress in summers or our gown studded with beads for a winters prom.

Our website offers you an exclusive collection of navy blue ensembles in a wide variety of designs. Our navy blue dresses are a rich assortment of high quality fabrics, embellishments stones/beads, and fine stitching to help you achieve graceful attire for your high school prom. For placing immediate orders visit our website and go through our electronic catalogue of navy proms dresses and wedding gowns. We promise to deliver the best to help your dreams come true.

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5 5 (10 Reviews)
  • 5.00
  • BY:christie smith
  • DATE:Sep 12, 2014

Flawless Sweetheart A-line Sequined Gown With Sash

A dress with attitude

The moment I saw this beautiful dress, I knew that I could definitely enjoy at my party! The answer was absolutely “yes”! All the people around me said the dress was so beautiful! Great product it is, and I loved it and am glad I have it! The dress arrived so fast and I bought Nothing could be more perfectly fitting to my body and style, than this exquisite long dress.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Mary D Cantrell
  • DATE:Jul 20, 2014

Adorable Spaghetti-Edge Long Dress With Appliques and Sash

Perfectly designed

I bought this dress for a ball in the evening next week. It has beautiful spaghetti straps that stand out, with a charming designed bodice which gives this dress a top position, I bought it without even thinking. When I wear it for the first time I was impressed by its light and all overall applications that light in the brightest way. I’m really sincere when I hardly recommend it!

  • 5.00
  • BY:Amy Watanabe
  • DATE:Jul 01, 2014

Stylish Sweetheart Full Sequined Gown With High Slit


So elegant a dress! Sequins covered the dress and make this blue dress more shining. All the details for this dress have been made so elegant.
This long evening dress has all necessary elements to make me look very sexy!
In short, I'm very happy that I bought it! Great!

  • 5.00
  • BY:danise matlaga
  • DATE:Jun 08, 2014

Exquisite Chiffon A-line Long Dress With Rhinestone

Perfect fit

Beautiful evening gown with light color, I felt good. This is a really super attractive dress, with a divinely neckline, and an impressive visually band which gives the perfect highlighting to waistline. I really felt that my silhouette and my forms where perfectly highlighted. I'm very glad I bought it and it is a perfect dress in every way!
Great shipping and customer service, cheap price, too. Thanks a ton, I will consider buying my niece’s homecoming dresses.

  • 5.00
  • BY:monica hernandez
  • DATE:May 29, 2014

Dramatic Sweetheart Bodice-beaded Chiffon Gown

Pretty dress

So glad to get my dress, it is crafted so carefully with beadings on the bodice, I really love it.
I can say that is long cocktail dress which can impress everyone! I really think that there will be some homecoming assets to any girl’s wardrobe.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Jay A. Wimberley
  • DATE:May 24, 2014

Glamorous V-neck Chiffon A-line Dress With Beaded Band and Illusion Back

Like a precious diamond

When I search Google and found this long evening dress, it really caught my attention with its stylish lines, beautiful cuts. It would perfectly fit for any formals for me.
The details are great, the straps and band beads, which manages to perfectly emphasize the silhouette. I will sure recommend this dress to any girls.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Michele Souder
  • DATE:Mar 22, 2014

Incredible Spaghetti-Edge Full Sequined Sheath Gown

would enjoy this graduation ball with this dress

Just like the dress for me, it arrived very perfect, and the dress fit my body just like a glove. Chiffon is in high quality, very comfortable. This is the dress I am looking for that would make my graduation ball to be special, unique and unforgettable. Thanks so much.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Angerlo
  • DATE:Mar 09, 2014

Modern Sweetheart Sequined Gown With Beaded Waist

Bought for a cocktail

I felt so satisfied with this cocktail dress in light blue color and customer services here. The dress I chose looked very luxurious and the quality material was great, beadings are beautiful. I love its perfect cuts, gorgeous molded neckline, wonderful weaving of the skirt and its trendy design. Wearing this super charming dress I won the title of prom queen, but more than that I'd looked sensational!
I also found some elegant dresses for graduations, so great!

  • 5.00
  • BY:Janiene
  • DATE:Mar 07, 2014

Graceful Cap-sleeve Tulle A-line Dress With Beaded Lace Embroidery

Chose dark blue sleeve dress

I bought this lace dress in dark blue for an evening party. I love the lace overlayed bodice, designed on the neckline, floral applications and cap sleeves.
In addition, I have say that the entire composition creates a wonderful illusion of floating presence which makes this tulle dress even more special! I recommend this long dress with cheap price to all girls and also highly recommend this site to everyone.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Jenna H.
  • DATE:Feb 17, 2014

Striking Strapless Draped Sequined Gown With Cutout


It's so lucky for me to purchase this dark blue strapless dress! With so perfect designs and carefully crafted. This dress was well made, from the top of the bodice till the floor end, this evening dress impresses with its stylish line, being easily molded on the body shape. Wonderfully draped on the silhouette and having a cheap price, this dress certainly made from my evening appearance a charming presence. I would lovely to recommend it to all girls!
Absolutely will be here for homecoming dress as a gift next time!