Open Back Prom Dresses

Prom is a big event that happens only once or twice in your high school years, which is why it's so important to make it as special and memorable as possible. It's a night you'll always remember for the rest of your life, so it's essential to have something absolutely beautiful to wear that makes you feel every bit the style icon. Whether you're looking for a long or short ensemble, we provide the perfect open back prom dress for you.

We have a large collection of open back dresses in a variety of styles and lengths that are perfect to wear and many are versatile enough to wear again for a girl's night or to another event. From pink to green and gold to blue, the backless dresses come in a variety of colors that will perfectly match your preferences. The best part is that if you like a particular style of dress but not the color shown, you can choose any of the 32 other colors in our color chart and we can send the dress to you in that particular shade. Send in your measurements and we can also perfectly tailor the open back prom dress to your exact specifications. We're here to provide you with the dress that's going to make you feel positively beautiful for the very special event.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality to our customers, but not with a high price tag. All of our open back dresses are affordable yet high quality. Every dress we have in stock is carefully crafted so you'll have only the best for your big day. You'll be the envy of everyone who sees you in one of our dresses.

Peruse through our extensive collection of open back prom dresses, and if you have any questions, our team is always here to help.

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  • 5.00
  • BY:Cathryn H.
  • DATE:Nov 10, 2014

V-neckline Sheath Floor Length Dress With Keyhole Back

Black beauty dress

When I saw this long evening gown I was impressed by its airy, transparent, and full of sensuality design. I really love black color as I consider it the color of elegance. I liked the strap closing system, which is very wonderfully made. As I'm a slim person, this astonishing dress is highlighting my body in a great way! Its stunning neckline, the molded body form and its extremely cheap price considering its high quality and beauty “persuaded” me to order it immediately, as I couldn't miss this opportunity.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Beach Bum
  • DATE:Oct 11, 2014

Halter High-low Dress With Sequins on Waist

Incredible dress for homecoming

When a high low type white dress is designed with passion, using a combination of sexy elements, like its high low length, transparency, beautiful waistline, the only result would be a tremendous dress ready to highlight in the most gracious and seductive way women's bodies. The beauty of this backless high low homecoming dress is on the quality of its design and the manner of its tailoring. Every line of this wonderful dress perfectly and beautifully fits to the body shapes. Being convinced by all these elements and the cheap price, ordering this amazing dress was just a simple formality.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Dorothy W. Morgan
  • DATE:Sep 20, 2014

Halter Floor Length Empire Dress With Criss Cross Back

beautiful, great customer service

I bought this black long evening gown because perfectly represents me. I always loved this kind of dresses, with a distinguished body line, which is gorgeously highlighting the body. What I really liked at this black dress was its wonderful frontal waistline and its sensitive and really attractive criss crossed backline side. That's why I highly recommend this precious dress to all beautiful and sexy slim women, which posses a great body and are not afraid to highlight it the most attractive way.

  • 5.00
  • BY:kykiho4
  • DATE:Sep 02, 2014

Elegant Cap-Sleeve V-neckline Side Slit Dress WIth Open Back

impressive long dress

As a woman with a well contoured body, I bought this white long dress being captivated by its stunning open back feature, which is not revealing a lot, but just is suggesting and let men's imagination to fly. Its neckline design is very daring, perfectly designed balancing with the backless part which is gorgeously competing. The dress's length is really comfortable, easy molded on the silhouette and from each point I'm looking, my body looks very sexy. The cap-sleeved wide straps are a plus because are designed with miniature elements which are impressive. The skirt slit is another element of this gorgeous creation that highlights the body skin even more. This dress is an exquisite and full of sex appeal item, which would make every woman look amazing and admired. Adding on those elements the cheapest price and you'll get the entire image of this tremendous white option dress.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Karen Seifert
  • DATE:Jun 06, 2014

Sexy Cap-Sleeve Side Slit Dress With Illusion Back

More than beautiful

I bought this red long evening dress for a special celebration where I was invited. What really convinced and impressed me was, at the beginning, its splendid design, which highlighted the entire outfit in a spectacular way. This outstanding long floor length dress has a tremendous power of seduction, being wonderful in all ways. With a charming designed style, a very impressive red color and bodice neckline, easily molded on the skin, which is perfect and beautifully highlight it and a delightful skirt with a gorgeous slit. The backless part is covered with a nude fabric, which is not hidden, but on the contrary is giving the entire outfit a much increased power of attraction. What else could you ask more form a dress?

  • 5.00
  • BY:M. Taylor
  • DATE:May 15, 2014

One-shoulder Asymmetric Side Slit Dress With Appliques

I’m looking like a Greek goddess

At the beginning when I first tried this extremely attractive long evening white ball gown, I was overwhelmed by its lightness and softness. What impressed me next was its stylish design, which is wonderful. To me this dress is similar to those worn by Greek goddesses, being very vaporous and diaphanous, full of sensuality and offering the most attractive and impressive sexiest possible image. I love its perfection of the details, one side and one shoulder pattern. Wearing this stunning designed dress I was a sexy apparition and my body was in the best possible way. This white dress is really amazing.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Saraah Abraham
  • DATE:May 01, 2014

Chic Short-Sleeve Scoop Neckline Lace Dress


This extremely attractive and romantic designed long evening gown I bought it at by my husband's insistence and I might say that is of the best possible choices! Because I'm a slim woman, I love to have my body highlighted, that's why I'm wearing at the special event parties only molded evening dresses, almost of them having special features which are giving me the best image. This wonderful dress is one of my favorite, because is supple, gas a special bodice design, falls on the body very comfortable, its lightness is a true delight of my body and perfectly put in the spotlight my body shapes! When I was looking for an evening dress, it happens to be my husband around, so when he saw it, immediately confirmed my first impulse and we order it together. When I receive it and I tried for the first time, the visual effect was a fabulous one! My husband said that on me, this dress looks divine. I can only praise this dress and its cheap price and recommend it trying.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Judy
  • DATE:Apr 13, 2014

Elegant Sweetheart A-line Empire Dress WIth Keyhole Back

Super exciting

I am very excited when I saw this extremely red long evening dress. I was impressed by its astonishing and stunning design, with a gorgeous neckline, beautifully highlighted by a greatly crafted bodice pattern made from silver rhinestones. The skirt falls like a waterfall towards the floor being a real pleasure to feel the high quality chiffon characteristics of your body skin. This dress really inspired me with its shining frontal design which is perfectly contrasting with backless side. I imagined how it will look at me and I instantly order it. I'm wearing with a great pleasure as this dress was made to capture.

  • 5.00
  • BY:laurna wooten
  • DATE:Apr 02, 2014

One-shoulder Asymmetric Dress With Side Slit

Graceful designed dress

This long evening dress is not only beautiful, but also is very graceful with all its wonderful features. From the perfection of bodice details to asymmetrical one shoulder embroidered strap to the front slit which is adding more sexiness and ending with the cheap price, this dress is really extraordinary! Color, style and design, all these are beautifully combined, creating an admirable creation, worthy of a woman's beauty.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Maria T. Costanzo
  • DATE:Jan 31, 2014

Elegant Sweetheart A-line Empire Dress WIth Keyhole Back


When I bought this charming and evening gown I didn't buy only a simple dress, but a unique and original outfit which will delight my body for many years from now on. This dress caught me with its wonderful body line made to shine, with a great style that it is made to wisely combining the contrasting front and backless parts in a very pleasant way. It is a dress that can easily convince you to buy it, mostly because it has that perfect combination of elements made to conquer your eyes and soul. And the cheap price is another special feature which makes this dress hardly to be equalized by other dresses.